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контрольная работа по английскому языку Вариант 4

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I. Complete the sentences (1- 9) with the words (a-i): a) invoices b)exports c) shares d)inflation e) cash f) contribution g) profit h) scarcity i) goods. 1. The purpose of running a business is to make a …….. . 2. The ………..were delivered to the warehouse by lorry. 3. The capital of a limited company is divided into ……. . 4. Individuals can deposit ……..resources that are not needed at present. 5. Commercial ……….are issued after the goods are shipped. 6. The UK’s principal ……….are vehicles, machinery and manufactured goods. 7. A (an) ……..is characterized by rising prices within a certain period of time. 8. Albert Einstein is famous for his ………to science. 9. The great trouble is the ……..of water and the intense heat.

1. I left work _________ten o'clock last night. 2. I didn't get time to come and visit you _________ last Tuesday. 3. He took the log book ________ the shelf and put it into his bag. 4. I saw something about it ________ television. 5. We are not interested _________your problems. 6. Have you seen that advert ________the post of manager. 7. He usually visits our head office _________the spring. 8. The phone company can record the location ________the phone. 9. Satellites can recognize objects only one meter__________. 10. There is absolutely no way we can make a deal _________him.

VI. Make the adjectives or adverbs in the box comparative. Then complete the sentences. a) good b) little c) big 1. China has a ……… domestic market than Italy. 2. With the data from econometrics, governments can make ……… decisions. 3. Cindy is ……… creative than John.
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