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Маркетинговый анализ компании Nike на английском языке

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Работа содержит маркетинговый анализ компании Nike на иностранном языке. Защищалась в Урфу в 2020 году, курс международный маркетинг.

Before your eyes appears marketing project work which is the culprit of the company Nike. All users know this company well in many parts of our world and use products from this company. One of the most successful companies engaged in sportswear, usually clothing and sports equipment. A huge number of athletes around the world choose Nike for its quality, durability and style. Moreover, most professional athletes choose Nike as their brand and are its ambassadors or the company's face advertising the company at various sporting events and events. In short, SUCCESS is something that has been following the company for a long time.

INTRODUCTION Chapter 1. Company, product and market description 1.1 General description of the company 1.2 Competitors analysis 1.3 Key points of international marketing strategy 1.4 Conclusion: Chapter 1 Chapter 2.Marketing research for selected market
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Main effectiveness indicators In FY19: • NIKE, Inc. revenues rose 7 percent on a reported basis to $39.1 billion, and up 11percent on a currency-neutral basis. • Gross Margin expanded by 90 basispoints to 44.7%. • Net income increased to $4.0 billion anddiluted earnings per share was $2.49. • Adjusted ROIC expanded over 400 basis points to 37.0%. Nikeare equipped with 112 shoe factories located in 12 countries. The largest shoe factory accounted for about 9% of total NIKE shoe production in 2019. Almost all of our shoes are made outside the United States. In fiscal 2019, contract factories in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia accounted for approximately 49%, 23%, and 21% of total NIKE Brand shoes, respectively.
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