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Organization and implementation of the surveys in the internet

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To conclude, many companies use online surveys for completely different reasons, but all of them are strong enough to replace face-to-face surveys with online ones. Online researches have only recently begun to emerge and have gained popularity among researchers in a short time. The most popular methods are online surveys and online panels. Online surveys have a sufficient number of positive aspects that make it easier for both agencies and respondents. On the other hand, these surveys also have negative features. In general, there are many more positive characteristics and they are much more significant than the disadvantages. Planning and designing a survey is the most important and difficult part of conducting an online survey. It is important to correctly define the research goal, select the right hypotheses and research questions, and then correctly create a survey, testing it on the target audience. There are a lot of platforms for conducting online surveys, but only a few can be identified as really good. One of the most popular platforms is Google Forms, because It has all sorts of tools for creating online surveys and it is free. There are many ways to encourage the target audience to participate in online surveys. the most important thing is to distribute the questionnaire correctly in order to find people who will be interested in taking this survey.

The relevance of the research is determined by modern trends in the development of the information society, through which there are more and more opportunities for conducting better marketing research through surveys on the internet. The aim of this work to identify the reasons for conducting online surveys; identify positive and negative aspects of this method of marketing research; to describe methods of gathering information for the survey data; to describe the planning, design and organization of survey data; to analyze ways how to attract the target audience to participate in online surveys. The purpose of the work is to analyze online surveys, explain how and why online surveys are conducted, determine the most common survey methods, and identify the most convenient and popular platforms for conducting online surveys. The object of research is the companies that specialize in online surveys. The subject of research is the processes of conducting a survey on the internet and relationships between research companies and respondents in these processes. Methods of research that were used are collection and analysis of the secondary data and synthesis of the processed data into information. Coursework consists of introduction, three chapters, conclusion and bibliography. In the first Chapter, the general information about surveys in the internet will be presented, for what reasons they are conducted and what are the positive and negative sides of online surveys. In the second chapter, the description of the methods and ways to collect information online will be presented in detail, especially: online surveys and online panels. The third chapter will present the implementation and organization of surveys in the internet. In this part of the course work the way to plan questions and design the questionnaire will be presented. The detailed description of the types of online platforms for conducting online surveys will be analyzed. Finally, the explanation of the ways of motivation the target audience to participate in these surveys will be presented.

Table of Contents Introduction 2 Chapter 1. Surveys in the internet 3 Chapter 1.1. Reasons for conducting online surveys 3 Chapter 1.2. Pros and cons of conducting online surveys 5 Chapter 2. Ways and methods to collect information online 10 Chapter 2.1. Online surveys 11 Chapter 2.2. Online panels 14 Chapter 3. Organization and implementation of the surveys in the internet 17 Chapter 3.1. Planning and design of online survey 17 Chapter 3.2. Online Survey Platforms 19 Chapter 3.3. Attracting the target audience to participate in the online survey 21 Conclusion 23 Bibliography 24
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In the context of increasing informatization of society, most potential respondents transfer part of their activities to the electronic environment, which creates wide opportunities for conducting marketing research. The growth of Internet penetration, along with an increase in its audience, necessitates the use of marketing research tools in an interactive environment. Changing the environment itself makes it necessary to adapt the tools of marketing research. Any of the traditional methods of marketing research it can be implemented using technical means starting with the creation of an electronic questionnaire and ending with the use of specialized methods of working in mobile media. Also an online survey may be completed by a respondent it was performed using various technical tools with a variety of software, as well as in any place and environment that may affect the validity of the study.
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