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Unemployment in Russia : types, causes and consequences

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Summing up the course work, the author comes to the following conclusions: - the very concept of unemployment is ambiguous and it is not always necessary to interpret it as an economic crisis in the country; - there are different types of unemployment in Russia, each of which takes place in different fields of activity; - the history of the emergence and development of the problem of employment of the population in Russia is complex, and the unemployment rate itself at different periods of time tends to increase, which indicates the years 1998 and 2009, which leads to a crisis in the country, and to a gradual decrease from 2011 to 2017 years; - there are many reasons for the emergence of unemployment in our country, but there are ways to combat it - retraining of workers, advanced training and other measures; - to overcome the problem of employment of people by the state, various measures are being developed. There are also various methods for creating such programs; - the government’s employment policy cannot guarantee the elimination of high unemployment in all areas of activity. In the course work was reviewed many aspects of the problem of employment. From history to ways to overcome it. According to experts' forecasts, starting from 2018, the growth of unemployment will gradually increase. This is due to the situation on the labor market, which is in an unstable state, as during the period of computerization of production and the increasing development of technology, many professions become unclaimed and lose relevance, while new specialties and vacancies appear, respectively, the demand for them will be increased. Therefore, due to this situation in the labor market, measures taken by the state may not be sufficiently effective

The topicality of research is a problem of unemployment in Russia which affects not only the socio-economic situation in the country, but also the political one. Aims of work is to study the essence of unemployment, its role in the economy of Russia, find out the causes of such a phenomenon as unemployment, find measures which are developing by the government to overcome the employment. Goals of work is to explain the concept of unemployment, consider its types, determine the employment of the population in Russia, identify ways to overcome unemployment. Object of research is the concept of unemployment as a socio-economic phenomenon Subject of research is the types, causes and consequences of unemployment in Russia. Methods of research that were used are analysis and synthesis Coursework consists of Introduction, two Chapters, Conclusion, Endnotes, Bibliography and two Appendices. In the first chapter I will discuss definition and measurements of unemployment. Also, I will analyze causes and consequences of this phenomenon. The second Chapter focuses on characteristics of unemployment, unemployment rates in Russia and the main trends in the development of unemployment and ways to overcome it. Project statement – The problem of unemployment in Russia is still relevant, because the effective solutions have not been chosen yet.

Introduction 3 Chapter 1. Theoretical aspects of unemployment 4 § 1 Definition and measurement of unemployment 4 § 2 Types and causes of unemployment 8 § 3 Consequences of unemployment 12 Chapter 2. Analysis of unemployment in Russia 14 § 1 Characteristic of unemployment in Russia 14 § 2 Current statistics of unemployment rates in Russia 16 § 3 The main trends in the development of unemployment and ways to 18 overcome it Conclusion 21 Bibliography 22
Список литературы

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The concept of unemployment appear as bureaucratization and industrialization increase. However, in Russia it appears much later than in Western European countries and America, since Russia entered the path of capitalist development much later. This circumstance made it possible to preserve the transit character of some socio-economic and political institutions of the 20th century in Russia. The full formation of the labor market in Russia was developed only in 1861 after the abolition of Serfdom. The post-reform development of the economy was a stimulus to the growth of the working class. However, due to cyclical fluctuations on this type of product as labor, it inevitably turned its part into an unclaimed, redundant one. Thus, unemployment, as an impossibility for people able to work and work, to realize their abilities and professional skills, has become a common phenomenon of imbalance in supply and demand for labor in the market. Due to the lack of any state skills to regulate socio-economic relations and mechanisms to influence the costs of market fluctuations, this has contributed to negative attitudes in society, strikes and other unrest. Such a reaction of people arose as a result of difficult working conditions, low wages and the dismissal of workers from factories, enterprises and factories.
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