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Innovations in Customer Relationship Management systems and their impact on business processes

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Добрый день! Уважаемые студенты, Вашему вниманию представляется дипломная работа на тему: «Innovations in Customer Relationship Management systems and their impact on business processes» Оригинальность работы 91%

Abstract The customer relationship management systems (CRM systems) are evolving very dynamically, gaining more features and innovations that are designed to improve the process of analyzing the contained data and communication with the consumer at the end of the day. The goal of this research is to find out what innovations in the sphere of customer relationship management systems have the most positive influence on business processes and if there are the ones that affect negatively on them. The general way of data collection and analysis includes both primary and secondary data. The first stage of a primary data collection is a set of in-depth interviews with the owners or representatives of businesses in a format of free answers to the questions. The goal of this stage is to find some common theses and make conclusions based on them. The second stage of the research is quantitative: a set of questionnaires with the business owners in the format of evaluating the elements of using the customer relationship management systems from 1 to 5 and «YES» or «NO» answers. The results are analysed within SPSS. During the process of conducting this research, the authors have identified the set of innovations that have the most positive effects on particular business processes and compared them with each other. The innovations have been divided by their efficiency in terms of different business processes. The researchers suggest that many successful businesses are exploiting the most efficient innovations in their customer relationship management systems to ease the process of saving and analysing the data and communicating with the customers. This research is going to help companies to apply only useful technologies and techniques and save time and money on the ones that are useless or harmful. It can be also useful to the companies that develop the third party customer relationship management systems by giving an understanding of the trends of this industry and the features that are worth implementing. Another benefit that is brought by this research is covering the gap in the scientific literature about the power of the efficiency of the customer relationship management innovations. KEYWORDS: customer relationship management, CRM systems, innovations, business

Table of contents Abstract 3 1. Introduction 4 1.1. Overview of the field 4 1.2. Goals of the CRM systems 4 1.3. Functions of the customer relationship management 5 1.4. Research questions and objectives 6 1.5. Relevance of the Research 8 2. Theoretical foundation 10 2.1. Preamble 10 2.2. Methods of the literature review 10 2.3. The history of CRM 11 2.4. Artificial intelligence in the customer relationship management systems 16 2.5. Cloud technologies in the customer relationship management systems 18 2.6. Deep personalization 20 2.7. Chat bots integration 21 2.8. Integration with the Internet of things 22 2.9. Mobile applications 23 2.10. Types of the customer relationship management systems 24 2.11. The development of the customer relationship management systems 25 2.12. Conclusion 27 3. Statement of the research questions 28 4. Methodology 33 4.1. Research Design 33 4.2. Data sources 33 4.3. Sample 34 4.4. Analysis methods 35 4.5. Anticipated results 39 5. Description of findings 40 5.1. Analysis results 40 5.2. Hypotheses testing and answering the research questions 46 6. Conclusion 49 6.1. Contribution of the results 50 6.2. Limitations 50 6.3. Future research 51 7. References 52 8. Appendixes 57 8.1. In-depth interview questions pattern (Russian) 57 8.2. Quantitative questionnaire example (Russian) 57 8.3. Usage of CRM graph 62 8.4. Ownage of external CRM graph 63 8.5. Popularity of innovations graph 64 8.6. Average score of each innovations graph 65 8.7. Average score for each parameter graph 65
Список литературы

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Отрывок из работы

6.1. Contribution of the results The usefulness of this research can be related to different spheres. First of all, it can help the small and medium and even large businesses to improve their customer relationship management systems with the innovations that can bring only positive influence to the business processes. The businesses will be able to communicate with their customers in a more efficient way and improve their marketing strategies based on the impact that the customer relationship management systems innovations can bring, which, in turn, reflects on the business’ profitability. Another group that can benefit from the results of this research is the developers of the third party customer relationship management systems. They sell their digital product to the businesses that are incapable of developing their own customer relationship management system or do not see the need to do it. These companies can incept the most recent and effective innovations into their software product to make it more competitive and to increase the satisfaction of the business clients. Thirdly, this research covers a gap that exists in scientific literature. This gap implies a lack of secondary data about the influence of the innovations in the customer relationship management systems on the business processes. This research successfully covers this deficiency. As it can be noticed, this research paper can be useful in many spheres, from the business to the scientific field. 6.2. Limitations However, the research has several limitations. First of all, the sphere of the customer relationship management systems, just like the other software products, is very dynamic and evolves and changes very rapidly. This means that with time the results of this research might become incomplete due to the fact that newer innovations can appear and occupy their niche in the industry of customer relationship management systems. Though, the authors do not suppose that the results of this research can become completely irrelevant, because the majority of the innovations from the history of the customer relationship management systems have entrenched and occupied their niche in customer relationship management, becoming a significant part of modern customer relationship management systems. This can be seen from the secondary data analysis in this research and by the answers of the interviewees during the process of collecting the responses for the qualitative primary data. Another important limitation of this research that is worth mentioning is the fact that the sample for both in-depth interviews and the quantitative questionnaire are limited by the personal contacts of the authors and the participants of the business chats in social media. Talking about the interviews, the problem here is a very small size of sample, which can be a problem in terms of the relevance of the responses. As for the questionnaire, the participants of the business chat are not a very reliable source of data because the authors cannot personally control those who complete a survey.
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